Franklin Ave Demos

by Trepanning

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Record by Jon Davies
in Brooklyn, NY


released May 1, 2013

Drums Scott Youth
Synth Jason Duncan
Bass Jessi Jetpack
Guitar & Vox Justin Bender



all rights reserved


Trepanning Brooklyn, New York

March 23th 2013

Weird Fantasy Band
Marvin Berry and the New Sound

@DBA 8:00 pm $7
49 s 2nd st Brooklyn

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Track Name: Photosensitive
Take this blood away
I got no appetite
Lack of killer instinct
Your lips are colder then mine
Ever since you turned me
I don't feel right
I lost my reflection and I can't stand the light


You sink your fangs right in
You gave me all your sins
Put that stake right through my heart

Never thought I had one
Till you took my soul
My heart no longer beats
Oh my hands are so cold
Our ways disgust me
I can't stand myself
Step into the daylight
Through this burns I'm still alive

So I can sleep, forever
Track Name: Foil
Signs are made
That you choose not to read
Now you see
It's a shame you didn't believe

They have come
To take me home
They have come
But I won't go

As my brain starts to swell
They rays they will show
All that's hidden in my mind

Put the foil on

Sky opens up
Purple shades they form
Through frozen feet you morn
Track Name: Young River
She takes my hand and walks me down the path
River's shinning bright tonight
Leave my baggage on shore
As I step into the light

She wraps her legs around me
And pulls me in the water
As I take my last breath
Hold me in your arms
Squeeze me tight
Take my head to rest
Track Name: Tapeworm
It's crawling in my flesh it's pushing up against my veins
Sucking good out leaving evil to reign supreme
Place its feelers on a point of innocence
I can feel it moving in me as I speak

I got a tapeworm in my skin

It's latched on my brain it's bidding me to do its deeds
hand find a rope and tie it into a noose
find your friend hanging from the nearest tree
I don't know why

I got a tapeworm in my skin

It moves so slow
Digging holes
Do what I'm told
It takes my sin
That lives within
It's what I know
Track Name: Take this Body
Place your hands upon this body
Squeeze the life out of it
Free my spirt from this flesh
Take this body let me be

Hands link together
Speak in different tongues
For life to come